Comment on the procedure of receipt and verification of election documents


"The fact that individuals willing to take part in the presidential election campaign submitted documents to the CEC of Russia does not automatically turn those individuals into candidates in elections"

On December 24, Evgeny Shevchenko, Secretary of the Working Group on the Admission and Verification of Election Documents, Member of the CEC of Russia commented on the procedure of receipt and verification of election documents by the Central Election Commission:

"The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation accepts for consideration documents from all citizens who have expressed intention to participate in the campaign for election of the President of the Russian Federation. However, the act of submission of the documents to the CEC of Russia does not mean that all citizens wishing to take part in the election campaign will participate in it as candidates. As is known, all documents received from any citizen for consideration by the CEC of Russia are compulsorily checked for the completeness of the information submitted, which includes, among other aspects, requesting state authorities to verify veracity of the information provided.

I would like to remind that the group1 and its authorized representatives can be refused registration on the following grounds: absence of documents provided for by the law, violation of the nomination procedure, incompatibility of the applicant with the requirements of the law imposed on candidates, i.e. absence of a passive electoral right (due to the lack of Russian citizenship, the age below 35 y.o., as well as the outstanding conviction for particularly grave crimes according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Only after a comprehensive consideration of the submitted documents and their verification, the CEC of Russia will be able to make a decision: to officially register a citizen as a candidate for elections or to refuse. Any other interpretations only mislead voters," explained Evgeny Shevchenko.

1 A group of not less than 500 citizens of the Russian Federation having active voting rights shall be formed to support nomination of a candidate (Unit 2, Article 34, Federal Act No. 19-FZ as of 10 January 2003 (amended as of 5 December 2017 “On Elections of the President of the Russian Federation”).

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