Political party «NEW PEOPLE»

Abbreviated name: PP NEW PEOPLE

Primary State Registration Number, date entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities: 1207700135972, on 24.03.2020

Manner in which party was formed: Created during a founding convention

Date charter approved: 01.03.2020, download charter

Number of registered regional divisions: 55

Permanent Collegial Governing Body: Central council

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Objectives and goals of the political party >

Information about the party’s governing bodies and structure >

The youth organization of the political party >

Participation of Political Parties in Elections on the Single Voting Day >

Representation of the political party among government authorities and local self-government bodies according to the results of direct voting >

Representation of the political party in the election commissions >

Contact details

Address: 119180, Moscow 22 Ulitsa Malaya Yakimanka, Bldg. 2

Email: e.muhametshina@newpeople.pro, a.verzhbitsky@newpeople.pro

Telephone: Party chief of staff Mukhametshina Ekaterina Ramilyevna +7 (926) 914-55-02

Internet contact details:

Official website: https://newpeople.pro/

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