Information and Reference Center

The Information and Reference Center of the CEC of Russia operates according to the work schedule of the CEC of Russia, and from 9 am 9 March 2018 till 6 pm 20 March 2018 it operates 24/7.

The Information and Reference Center has multichannel lines +7 800 707 2018 (for calls from the Russian Federation) and +7 495 727 2018 (for calls from other countries).

Voters and other participants in the electoral process can apply to the Information and Reference Center of the CEC of Russia:

  • to receive reference information about the procedure of filing of an application to have the applicant included into the list of voters at his/her location;
  • to require contacts (an address and a phone number) of an election commission;
  • to receive information about a current election campaign;
  • to be explained on the cases and the procedure of filing a written request with the CEC of Russia;
  • to leave some information for reference;
  • to be addressed to a competence authority.

In case some response measures and a reply are required, a written request shall be filed with the CEC of Russia.