CEC of Russia completed receiving lists of voters’ signatures in support of candidates


On 31st January 2018 at 6 pm the CEC of Russia completed receiving lists signed by voters in support of the nomination of candidates for the post of the President of the Russian Federation. Today, eight candidates, who have participated in the procedure of collecting signatures, had the opportunity to submit the signed lists to the CEC of Russia.

"At 6 pm we have completed receiving from the nominated candidates the lists signed by voters," said Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova. − Six nominated candidates presented signatures, the others, unfortunately, "left the race" and notified the CEC of Russia about their decision. It is already clear that there will be no more than eight candidates in the ballot. However, the final number of candidates for the election campaign will be determined by February 10, when the CEC of Russia must complete the verification of signatures."

During the last day of the receipt of signatures’ lists, the Commission received the signatures collected in their support by the following candidates:

Ksenia Sobchak (Russian political party "Civil Initiative")


Earlier, the CEC of Russia received signatures’ lists from the following candidates:

Vladimir Putin (self-nomination), Grigory Yavlinsky (the Russian United Democratic Party "Yabloko")

Boris Titov (the Party of Growth)

and Sergei Baburin (the Russian All-People's Union)

Two candidates from the parliamentary parties − Vladimir Zhirinovsky from the Liberal-Democratic Party and Pavel Grudinin from the Communist Party are exempted from the collection of signatures under the law. They are registered as candidates for the post of the President of the Russian Federation.

The remaining candidates, who participated in the procedure of collecting of signatures in support of their nomination for the post of the President of the Russian Federation, did not submit signatures’ lists to the CEC of Russia with voters' signatures within the prescribed period.

At present, the CEC of Russia is checking the signatures’ lists submitted by the six candidates. Based on the results of the verification of signatures, the Commission will take a decision on each candidate to register or refuse to register him/her as a candidate for the post of the President of the Russian Federation.

"In addition to the fact that today we have completed the reception of signatures, it is also the first day when citizens across Russia can start submitting applications for voting at the place of stay, that is there, where they will be on the polling day," Ella Pamfilova said. − The day has not yet come to an end, and 11.5 thousand applications have been submitted through the portal of state services and over 4 thousnd applications through multifunctional centers (MFCs). The mechanism has been launched. All the necessary information can be obtained in our Information and Reference Center, on the website of the CEC of Russia, on the websites of regional election commissions, and at MFCs. I hope that our citizens, who have not voted for many years, now make full use of this mechanism."