Alexander Kinev visited St. Petersburg


On 2-4 April 2018, the CEC member Alexander Kinyov was in St. Petersburg on instuction of the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova,

The purpose of the trip was to check the procedure of handling complaints and appeals received on the results of the election campaign for the election of the President of Russia on 18March 2018. Alexander Kinyov met with the organizers of the electoral process, representatives of the city administration, the Legislative Assembly, political parties, and observer organizations.

"For three days we had been working in the city election commission, in territorial election commissions, met with political parties, observers. As a result, we collected a lot of information that requires careful analysis," the CEC of Russia member said.

According to him, most of the appeals received by election commissions at different levels, duplicated each other and did not contain significant information about alleged violations. Nevertheless, all these appeals are considered or will be considered in accordance with the law and in a timely manner.

"The CEC of Russia will pay special attention to appeals containing information about coercion of citizens of St. Petersburg to attend polling stations on the election day and information about problems in the implementation of the «Mobile Voter» program. The Central Election Commission has all necessary documents and it will take appropriate decisions based on the results of the inspection," Alexander Kinyov said.