Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 154th meeting


On 18 April 2018 a regular meeting of the CEC of Russia was held. Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova said that the Central Election Commission consistently and carefully conducts an analysis of the election campaign, and the results of this analysis will be presented in the near future at a major event with the participation of representatives of political parties and the expert community. "It is in our interests to study, in the most careful way, the drawbacks of the electoral process revealed in the course of information processing and to eliminate them," Ella Pamfilova said. According to the Head of the Central Election Commission, this analysis affected, in particular, activities of election commissions in the regions, where members of the CEC of Russia and Commission’s staff were sent to collect information. It is necessary to check the activities of territorial and precinct election commissions, including in St. Petersburg, which the member of the Central Election Commission of Russia Alexander Kinyov and Ella Pamfilova herself visited earlier.

"The results of the conducted audit should be taken into account when forming new membership of precinct and territorial election commissions," the CEC chairman emphasized."We must be sure that members of PECs and TECs who have proved themselves not from the best side will not be re-appointed to the commissions." According to the Head of the Central Election Commission, at the present time 52 territorial and almost 91 thousand precinct election commissions are forming new membership. "I call on the election commissions in the subjects of the Russian Federation to treat the personnel issue with special attention. All political parties and all strata of the society should be represented in the renewed PECs, and the people who form them must be educated, principled and conscientious about their duties."

"I will once again emphasize," said Ella Pamfilova, "that violators of the electoral legislation must be punished in accordance with the strictness of the law, but people who fulfill their duty in good faith and in a principled way should be encouraged."