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CEC of Russia expanded Guidance on ensuring the electoral rights of citizens with disabilities


On 7 June 2018 at the meeting of the Working group on cooperation of the CEC of Russia with all-Russian public organizations of citizens with disabilities a member of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Levichev introduced a new edition of Guidance on ensuring the realization of electoral rights of citizens with disabilities during election.

In particular, the document was supplemented by the chapters on engaging volunteers to work with citizens with disabilities, the peculiarities of voting outside the premises for voting, as well as on recommendations on the procedure of voting at the location. The Guidance will be submitted to the public organizations of citizens with disabilities and to election commissions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the development of counter-proposals.

Nikolay Levichev noted that in the run-up to the single voting day it is important to expand the electoral resources for people with disabilities, to do whatever it takes to liberate citizens from discomfort and inconvenience during voting. New technologies, which have already been used in some regions, in particular online sign language interpretation, can help to achieve this goal.

Members of the working group noted a radical improvement of the situation with ensuring of electoral rights of citizens with disabilities, successful work towards creation of accessible environment for citizens with disabilities, implemented during the latest election campaign.

Signing of accords between election commissions of regions and social security administrations and "Mobile voter" mechanism were characterized as a major step forward. According to Nikolay Levichev, this mechanism "facilitated voting procedure for many citizens with disabilities". The member of the CEC of Russia also noted a significant increase in the number of polling stations available to the citizens with ailments of the musculo-skeletal system.