Meeting with foreign electoral experts


On 10 September 2018 Maya Grishina, the Secretary of the CEC, and members of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Levichev and Vasily Likhachev met with representatives of the ‘National Public Monitoring’ Association of Observers (NPM) and foreign experts in the field of electoral law and process.

Maya Grishina spoke of elections held during the single voting day on 9 September. "This campaign was one of the biggest election campaigns,” she said, “It was highly competitive. For us as organizers of the elections, especially important was to precisely and in full accordance with the law take all the necessary electoral actions."

The guests assessed highly the level of technical equipment of the electoral commissions. It was noted that in all polling stations in Moscow, the Moscow and Vladimir regions visited by the experts, video surveillance was carried out – the degree of openness and availability for public observation has no alternatives in the world. All electoral procedures were observed, the members of the election commissions acted strictly in accordance with the law. There were no reasons to doubt the legitimacy of elections, concluded the international experts.

The parties discussed common socio-political problems in Russia and Europe, including the need to involve youth in the political process, and agreed on further cooperation.