Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 202nd meeting


On 29 May 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 202nd regular meeting.

The meeting heard statements by the chairpersons of the regional election commissions on the preparations for the September elections.

Deputy Chairperson of the Moscow city Election Commission Yuri Yermolov spoke about the preparations for the experiment on the organization and conduct of remote electronic voting in the elections of deputies of the Moscow city Duma of the seventh convocation. Relevant draft law was adopted by both houses of Parliament last week.

“We are working on three blocks of issues. These are normative and legal acts of the Moscow city Election Commission, issues related to informing the participants of the electoral process, and organizational issues,” said Yuri Yermolov.

Deputy head of the Department of information technologies of Moscow Artem Kostyrko said that at the moment the software package of remote electronic voting is in the stage of technical implementation, general scheme of the algorithm of its work has already been developed.

“If the experiment on remote electronic voting justifies itself, even greater number of voters will receive an opportunity to vote, there will be more opportunities to determine the reliability of the voting results,” said the Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.