Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 203rd meeting


On 6 June 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 203rd regular meeting.

Opening the meeting Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev noted that the election campaigns are actively going in the regions and it is already clear that the competition will be quite tough.

“Colleagues from the regions need to work more dynamically. I would like to encourage all members of the election commissions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to conduct campaigns in accordance with the standards that have been developed over the past three years. I am confident that we will be able to implement these standards, conduct a campaign and hold a single voting day with the results that will inspire confidence among voters,” said the Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia.

Nikolay Bulaev said that on 13 June at the meeting of the CEC of Russia a draft resolution on the appointment of by-elections of deputies of the State Duma in single-seat constituencies will be considered. He also announced the first full-scale presentation of the model digital polling station on 13 June at the site of the CEC of Russia.

“As a part of the presentation of the digital polling station, we will show the composition of software and hardware, including a new Mobile terminal for voting,” said Nikolay Bulaev. “Addresses of 30 digital sites have already been identified. 24 of them are separate polling stations, while 6 will perform a dual function: they will act both as a digital polling station, and as organizers of voting in the elections to the Moscow city Duma.”