Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 207th meeting


On 26 June 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 207th regular meeting.

On the nomination and registration of candidates for elections on the single voting day on 8 September 2019

Opening the meeting, the Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev presented information on the progress of regional election campaigns. He recalled that the nomination of candidates for the by-elections of deputies of the State Duma started on 18 June 2019. The CEC of Russia is awaiting the documents from the candidates no later than 13 July. Candidates from the party must submit the documents on the nomination to the District Election Commissions no later than 23 July.

“As of today, 7 political parties have officially notified the CEC of Russia on participation in the by-elections of deputies of the State Duma. 4 political parties have already held events to nominate candidates, which were attended by representatives of the Central Election Commission,” – said Nikolay Bulaev.

136 candidates were nominated to participate in the elections of heads of regions.

“Competition in the elections of governors and regional parliaments will be active. This can be clearly seen,” said Nikolay Bulaev.

The CEC of Russia made a decision and certified a list of 3 candidates for deputies of the State Duma nominated by the political party “All-Russian political party ‘Party of Growth’” in single-seat constituencies and registered 5 authorized representatives of the party.

The Central Election Commission decided to hold from 15 July to 10 December 2019 the all-Russian competition for the best coverage in regional periodicals and regional editions of all-Russian publications of elections of deputies of the State Duma, elections to regional authorities and local governments, issues of electoral legislation.

“In 2019 the CEC of Russia will hold a competition for the best coverage of elections and electoral processes in the regional print media,” said the Secretary of the CEC of Russia Maya Grishina. “There are three nominations in the competition: “Information technology in elections”, “the Press educates and motivates” and “the Press on guard of the law”. There are three awards in each category. We are waiting for meaningful and deep content!”

The CEC of Russia approved the use of technology for the production of protocols of precinct election commissions on the results of voting with machine-readable code during the by-elections of deputies of the State Duma.

The working notebook of the Precinct Election Commission was approved collegially.