Delegation of young leaders of India visited CEC of Russia


On 9 July 2019, delegation of young leaders from India visited CEC of Russia within the framework of the project World Governance Expedition to Russia, organized by the Vision India Foundation.

The meeting was attended by Anton Lopatin, member of the CEC of Russia, Alexander Kazarin, Head of the Department for Cooperation with Political Parties and International Cooperation of the CEC Office of Russia, and Natalia Artykaeva, Head of the Russian Center for Election Technologies Training at the CEC of Russia.

Young leaders of India got acquainted with the formation and competencies of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, election commissions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, territorial and district election commissions.

Delegates were interested in the specifics of organizing voting in Russia, taking into account 11 time zones in the country, as well as the implementation of projects that provide additional voting opportunities for citizens and increase trust in elections: the use of the Mobile Voter mechanism, video surveillance at polling stations and territorial election commissions with the possibility of broadcasting via Internet, the use of technical means of counting votes (Complexes for electronic processing of electoral ballots, Complexes for electronic voting), the use of QR-coding technology in the preparation of the final PEC protocols for further quick data input into the State Automated System "Elections", the development of the institute of public observers at the elections and the work of the Information and Reference Center of the CEC of Russia.

Anton Lopatin elaborated on new digital electoral experiments that will be held in Moscow on September 8, 2019. He spoke about the procedure for voting in digital polling stations using a mobile terminal and an experiment in remote electronic voting in three electoral districts of Moscow at the election of deputies of the Moscow City Duma of the seventh convocation. Anton Lopatin noted that if the experiment on remote electronic voting is successful, then it is possible to use it especially for elections in difficult to reach and remote areas. “If we succeed, we will share this project with our Indian colleagues,” promised the Member of the CEC of Russia.

The representative of the delegation of young leaders of India expressed hope for further strengthening of cooperation between the two countries.