Nikolai Bulaev: “Elections in Uzbekistan are calm. There are no comments on the voting procedure.”


On December 22, 2019, elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament of the Oliy Majlis are held in Uzbekistan. Delegation of the CEC of Russia takes part in the international observation of the elections in the Republic.

Immediately after the start of voting, Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Russia Nikolai Bulaev visited a number of polling stations in the capital of Uzbekistan, where he became acquainted in detail with the work of the commission and with the voting procedure. He noted that the elections are going on calmly and observers currently have no comments on the voting procedure:

“The new Election Code, as we see, is working quite well, the voters are actively voting, observers from all political parties are present at the polling stations. The new system of the Unified Electronic Register of voters is being successfully tested. It is very important. No one can have any doubts that the elections will be held fairly, since all the necessary conditions for the realization of the will of the citizens of the Republic have been created.”

The Deputy Cchairman of the CEC of Russia emphasized that comfortable working conditions were created, including for international observers, who can objectively evaluate the voting process.

Representatives of the Russian delegation noted the high professionalism of the members of the election commissions and the observance of all the procedures prescribed by law at the polling stations.

“In the vast majority of polling stations, there are voting booths for voters with disabilities, the premises are equipped with ramps, and polling stations have stencils for the visually impaired. The election organizers did a great and high-quality work,”concluded Nikolai Bulaev.

Members of the Central Election Commission of Russia Anton Lopatin and Yevgeny Shevchenko after the start of voting visited more than 20 polling stations. According to representatives of the Central Election Commission, high turnout is observed in all polling stations.

“We spoke with other observers, and they expressed no concerns over the voting process. In addition, we note the professional work of the district commissions, we see that people have underwent high-quality professional training,” said Yevgeny Shevchenko. - The system of electronic voter identification works effectively: the data of the citizen’s passport is entered into the system, and the surname of the voter and the data on whether he voted or not are automatically displayed on the monitor.”

The Members of the Central Election Commission of Russia noted that in all the polling stations they visited, the minimum percentage of early voters and a very small number of voters expressing a desire to vote at home were recorded.