Ella Pamfilova took part in the meeting of the working group on the preparation of proposals on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation


On 23 January 2020, the Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova, the Secretary of the CEC of Russia Maya Grishina and representatives of the Office of the Commission took part in the meeting of the Working Group on the Preparation of Proposals for Amending the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which was held at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The main points of the speech of the Chairman of the CEC of Russia

The proposed all-Russian public vote is an exceptional, unique procedure that is not subject to the current election law. That is why the Working Group is currently preparing a separate legislative act, in accordance with which the public vote will be held.

In this regard, it is necessary to clarify a number of terms implying the difference between this voting procedure and the elections provided for by the current norms. For example, instead of the term “all population vote” - “all-Russia voting”, instead of “election voter” - “voting participant”, etc.

If the Central Election Commission is entrusted with organizing an all-Russia vote, then with a high degree of probability we will apply the traditional, proven procedures that Russian citizens are used to so as not to create unnecessary difficulties for them. Perhaps, the existing voting procedure will be somewhat simplified.

At the same time, the main requirements for its organization should be the transparency and the absolute legitimacy of all procedures. The mechanisms to be applied should ensure the secrecy of vote, equality and freedom of expression of citizens, reliability of summing up the results.

The CEC of Russia does not oppose electronic voting in principle, but against its use in this particular case, since now it is impossible to realize this tool on a national scale. Readiness, including legal, technological, technical, personnel and organizational, is at zero level. However, in the regional elections, we ourselves will initiate and support everyone who wants to run in this type of vote.