Information center of the CEC of Russia: preliminary results of the all-Russian vote


On 2 July 2020 Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova summed up the preliminary results of the all-Russian vote on approval of changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation received according to the processing of 100% of protocols of precinct election commissions on voting results, including overseas precincts and areas in the city territory of Baikonur.

According to the Head of the CEC of Russia, preliminary results showed that the turnout at the all-Russian vote was 67.97%. Results: "Yes" - 77.92 %, "No" - 21.27 %.

"More than a million members of election commissions, observers, media representatives, law enforcement officers were at the polling stations and completed the multi–day process of the all-Russian vote, each fulfilling their important public mission," said Ella Pamfilova.

The head of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation noted that the system of introduction of protocols into the system is unprecedented in terms of dynamics and speed, and there was no such early introduction of protocols during Federal-level campaigns until this moment.

Ella Pamfilova stressed that the maximum transparency of the process was achieved during the all-Russian vote – 526 thousand observers conducted total monitoring in all regions and all types of voting, and video surveillance was used in 80 out of the 85 regions.

"All this made it possible to avoid attempts to falsify the results of voting and possible violations," said the head of the CEC of Russia.

Ella Pamfilova thanked all members of the commissions starting from precinct commissions to regional commissions for their great, well-coordinated and very difficult work during all these days.

"Special thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which conducted voting outside the country, the Russian Ministry of Communications, Rospotrebnadzor, all our partners who helped bring information to citizens, the entire observer community, media representatives, volunteers, law enforcement officers. All of them provided a decent conduct of the all-Russian vote. All-Russian vote was a success!" said Ella Pamfilova.