Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 268th meeting


On 10 September 2020 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 268th regular meeting.

The Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev reported on the results of the "Mobile voter" mechanism as of 9 September. Applications for voting at the location were submitted by 444,031 people. 31,571 people applied to participate in remote electronic voting in by-elections of deputies of State Duma in single-seat constituencies in the Kursk and Yaroslavl regions. In addition, 6942 applications were submitted by residents of the regions who intend to vote at digital polling stations in Moscow.

"Almost half a million people will be able to vote thanks to the Mobile voter platform. I think this is good news. People are getting used to this phenomenon," said Nikolay Bulaev.