On the course of public observation at the elections


On 13 September 2020, Lidia Mikheeva, Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, spoke about the progress of public observation of the elections as part of the CEC of Russia Information center.

"Our observers generally record a high level of organization of all electoral procedures and note quite comfortable conditions for voting," said Lidia Mikheeva. "The situation center for public election observation received information from the regions about 28 conflict situations that occurred at polling stations. In addition, the volunteers recorded 11 reports of non-compliance with certain points of the "gold standard", which was developed with the assistance of the CEC of Russia."

Lidia Mikheeva also reported that the public chamber's hotline received an unprecedented small number of requests – only 9. "This indicates, among other things, the absence of cases that would cause particular concern to observers on the ground and compliance with the law during election procedures," she said.

Lidia Mikheeva thanked the CEC of Russia for its multilateral support and expressed hope for further joint work to improve the institute of monitoring.