Anton Lopatin spoke at the Forum "Community"


On 3 November 2020, a member of the CEC of Russia Anton Lopatin spoke at the thematic session of the Community Forum, organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. The session was devoted to issues of public observation of voting.

Within the framework of the discussion, which was attended by representatives of the Public Chamber and experts in the field of the electoral process Maxim Grigoriev, Alexander Malkevich, Alena Bulgakova and Vadim Kovalev, issues of organizing public observation, training a competent observer community, observation of remote electronic voting (REV) and international experience in organizing elections were discussed .

In his presentation, Anton Lopatin spoke about the improvement of the institution of public observation of elections in modern Russia and noted that the CEC is doing everything possible to make the voting procedure accessible and understandable for all participants in the electoral process.

“A special role here is assigned to the Public Chamber,” explained the Member of the CEC of Russia. “Unfortunately, we note a tendency to reduce the number of observers from political parties, and the Public Chamber is solving the problem of selecting and training the observer corps.”

Talking about the practice of remote electronic voting, Anton Lopatin said that the CEC of Russia sums up the results of scientific work and analyzes the results of the autumn election campaign: “It is necessary to work on mistakes, identify effective tools and mechanisms and introduce them into further practice. We involve the expert community in our work in order to understand how the REV procedure ensures observance of the secrecy of vote and inspires confidence among citizens”.

The Member of the CEC of Russia stressed that the effectiveness of public observation and confidence in the elections are determined by the active work of all participants in the electoral process during the inter-election period.