Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 284 meeting


On 24 February 2021 a regular meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation was held.

On the interactive handbook "Political Parties in the Russian Federation"

The Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova presented a unique information project - an interactive handbook "Political parties in the Russian Federation", with which one can get comprehensive information about all registered political parties.

"This is absolutely exclusive information, which until now has never been publicly available anywhere," stressed the head of the CEC of Russia. "We hope that the interactive handbook will become a popular resource for all participants of the electoral process."

On the program and conduct of the all-Russian training

Anton Lopatin, a member of the CEC of Russia, said that the all-Russian training is a full-fledged sample of conducting the stages of election campaigns using all tasks and subsystems of the current version of the SAS "Vybory" in the training mode.

"It is proposed to hold an all-Russian training session in the period from 17 March to 21 May 2021. At the same time, voting days, there will be three of them, are to be held from 12 May to 14 May 2021," said Anton Lopatin. "The purpose of the training is to check the readiness of election commissions and SAS "Vybory" to conduct elections on a single voting day."

A special feature of the all-Russian training, according to a member of the CEC of Russia, is testing the software and technical complex of remote electronic voting, checking its readiness and efficiency.